Playa Negra boasts one the most consistent and best waves in Costa Rica.It is famous because the movie Endless Summer II being filmed there. Considered by many surfers to be one of the top spots in Costa Rica.It has become famous , in part, to its’ ease of access apart from its’ quality as a surfing wave. Playa Negra has rock reef bottom with good right-hand barrels and a well defined channel for paddling out. This channel also assists surfers to return to the point where the wave breaks. There is a strong rip current that takes the surfers back through the impact zone. Depending on the swell direction and tides a left breaking wave may also be surfed. The break has good exposure to both Northern and Southern Hemisphere swells and is reasonably consistent year-round. The wave can break well with large and small swells. It may also produce good surfing waves during the entire tide range.If you manage to catch a good swell, it is definitely worth it to surf here.


Area Waves

Potrero GrandeA right point break, with very fast and hollow waves. Located 270 kms from San Jose with no road access. You must go to playas del coco or playa Ocotal and proceed from there by rented boat.

10 – Playa Naranjo (Witch’s rock)one of the best breaks in the country, with very strong off-shore winds from December to march. This wilderness point is located in the national park of Santa Rosa. You must go totally prepared for camping since there are no facilities. A good 4wd is a must, and don½t forget you mosquito net.
11 – Playa Grande Beach break, located about 20 minutes north of Tamarindo. Accessible by road.
12 – Playa Tamarindo Here you will find two mains points : a- Pico Pequeño a rocky point in front of the hotel Tamarindo, and b-el estero, an excellent river mouth break.
13 – Langosta A right and left point break that curls off the mouth of a small river, located I km south of Tamarindo.
14 – AvellanasGood beach break, ½guanacasteco½ featuring very hollow rights and lefts. Located 10 km south of Tamarindo.
15 – Playa Negra A right point break with very fast waves,. Playa Negra is one of the best breaks in the country. Located 5 km south of playa Avellanas.
16 – Nosara Beach break, with lefts and rights. About 350 kms from San Jose. You go from San Jose to Nicoya and from there to Nosara. It takes approx. 5 hours to get there.
17 – 18 – 19 – Playa Coyote, Manzanillo, and Mal Pais Beach breaks, with very consistent lefts and rights and several points. A 4 wd vehicle is recommended. Now you can find a lot of places to stay.

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